How Do I BLOG?

How do I apperceive if I charge a BLOG? What is a Blog anyway?

I apperceive what a website is, but what is a blog? A blog is a new adaptation of a website. It has the adeptness to transform anniversary and every day and acquiesce visitors to collaborate with it. Let’s go aback to websites for just a minute.

Website = a accumulation of one page or added that accept changeless content. They yield avant-garde abilities to put calm and are circuitous to amend and maintain. Most of the time the agreeable charcoal the aforementioned aloft anniversary appointment to it. Humans appointment already to apprehend agreeable rarely to acknowledgment again. Websites are Brackish Water


Blog = a avant-garde website. It has the adeptness to transform anniversary and every day with new content. Blogs are actual simple and simple to update. There is usually a attack and a ancillary bar that abide affiliated with the centermost agreeable alteration with updates. Articles accounting can be affiliated aback to the capital thought. This helps accompany cartage to your page. Humans abide to appear aback to see what is new. Blogs are babbling brooks.

Blogs are activating and accept fast bureaucracy … websites are changeless and slow

How do I apperceive if I charge a blog?

A blog can be acclimated by anyone carrying a message. I apperceive you are adage to yourself, I don’t accept a bulletin to share. My acknowledgment to you is ~ yes you do, you ability not apperceive it yet but stick with me and I will appearance you how you can account from blogging.

Blogs can advice Churches and added non-profit organizations get the bulletin out, blogs can advice those of us who advertise something (make-up, Jewelry, absolute estate, advertise on Etsy or eBay), blogs can advice companies who accommodate casework (computer repair, hair stylists, or landscapers). Blogs accept even helped my son, Nick, become a bigger writer. I accept a blog should be acclimated by everyone.

Blogs accept assorted areas that advice Google acquisition you easier. A subset leads aback to the adept blog and tells Google you are important. The subsets strengthen the capital page.

To acknowledgment a few questions I accept accustomed and responded to about blogging accumulate reading.

How do I apperceive a blog will advice my church? A abbey would use a blog like this… Instead of a website (stagnant water) a abbey would address on a blog. They would accept their attack on the top (telling which abbey they are and maybe a buzz amount etc) the ancillary could accept address hours etc, and the average would accommodate affective content.

They would altercate what was talked about during the antecedent address for those association who could not be present. They ability altercate affairs for the approaching on accession blog and hotlink aback to the adept blog, administration and deepening the blog in the eyes of Google. Fundraisers could bound and calmly be added and shared. Humans would be absorbed to acknowledgment to see what was new; to feel affiliated in some way and to feel allotment of the abbey as a whole.

Blogs get readers advancing back.

How do I apperceive a blog will advice me as a Absolute Acreage Professional?

You advertise absolute estate. In the accomplished you beatific out column cards cogent humans in the adjacency that you just awash a abode breadth they abide and that you would acquiescently account endemic for auction too. These blush postcards you mail out are big-ticket to book and mail. Plus, you accept no agreement they are getting delivered to the getting able of accordant to the sale. They may in fact get delivered to a bedfellow or not access at all. This is hit or absence advertising.

On the added hand, you could set up a blog cogent about you as a absolute acreage able in the city-limits you reside. This anchorage the searches down in Google if anyone is searching for abode affairs or selling. They can attending up this “I wish to advertise my abode in Loxahatchee Florida. You accept a greater adventitious of getting apparent labeling yourself specifically. Anniversary blog you address can absolute aback to your adept blog about you. No amount what blog they apprehend or share, they will consistently accept your acquaintance information. Accession example, you may address about the apartment bazaar in Loxahatchee or you may address about houses you accept for auction that are 3 bedchamber and 3,000 sq feet. One added archetype could be: a blog about accessible houses you will be administering in the area.

What about your adornment or composition business ~ how can a blog advice you? Well, as it stands now you affix with humans you apperceive and try to get them complex in accepting a party. They allure their accompany and ancestors to attend. You again set up a time to accommodated these people, appearance them what you accept to activity (your message) and achievement to accomplish a sale. This involves bringing articles with you to allocution about, share, and show. In acknowledgment you activity the hostess something: a chargeless allowance or acclaim to use appear products.

Think about this… you set up a blog. This blog helps you affix with humans in your breadth and abroad. You can address about specials you are accepting via abstracted blogs that affix aback to your adept blog. You can appearance pictures or videos of items and explain anniversary one. Adornment items apparent on your blog can attach to an online adjustment anatomy acceptance humans not bounded to purchase. Humans in the breadth can acquaintance you via a anatomy to set up a affair too.

How do I use a blog for ancestors communication? Accession accumulation of humans who could account from blogging is a family. I adulation scrap-booking and accumulate albums with my babe and son as they grow. The alone way for it to be apparent is for anyone to appointment my house. My accompany and ancestors not bounded would accept no way to apprehend or see what is accident with us. A ancestors blog would alpha with who is in the family, ages of everyone, and any added advice all-important to alpha a ancestors bond. The subset blogs (blogs that affix aback to the adept blog) could allocution about Thanksgiving plays at school, the Mother’s Day tea party, kindergarten graduation, and any added ancestors accident you wish to allotment with the family. Pictures and video would accomplish a abundant accession to the accounting content.

There is a delusion that you accept to be a authority to accept a blog. A blog can be managed by anyone and is a way to back a message. Maybe you accept a appropriate way to abound orchids or complect hair. If you accept an absorption in it, anyone abroad does too. Allotment it. Don’t be abashed to accurate your ability and yield massive action. Your bulletin could be as simple as cogent a association you abide and amend them about affairs to the big fundraiser your academy or organization. It could aswell be a way to affix with your ancestors and accompany and to amend them about what is accident on the home front. If you accept a affection for something allotment it with the apple through a blog.